helping businesses create and then deliver ambitious plans for profitable growth

Training and Coaching

Our coaching programmes and training courses are tailored to the specific needs of your business and your people. We spend time understanding your business and the specific challenges your people face so the content is 100% appropriate to your needs.
They are designed to achieve a measurable return on investment through powerful learning experiences and are not meant to be an entertaining or ‘nice to have’ distraction from the day job! Our customers tell us that we encourage people to move outside of their comfort zones and create lasting changes in performance that they can measure.

Coaching Programmes and Training Courses

Business Planning Programmes:

  • Creating the right plan for my business
    Having a clear direction for your business is vital... clarity about what you want to achieve makes success a lot easier. After all, if you don’t know where you are going, any road will do!
  • How to implement the right profit improvement tactics for my business
    What are the combinations of changes that my business needs to make in order to have the most significant impact on profits?
  • Developing a strategic marketing and sales plan
    How do I decide on the best and most affordable sales and marketing activities for my business? How do I ensure they are effective and achieve a return on investment?

Example Sales and Sales Leadership Programmes:

  • Creating and managing high performance sales teams
  • How to create an effective sales plan
  • How to generate new sales leads
  • How to manage & control the face to face sales meeting
  • Major account planning
  • How to achieve world-class customer service
  • Effective telephone sales skills
  • Selling through distributors, resellers or franchisees

Examples of Marketing Programmes

  • How to create an effective marketing plan
  • How to maximise profit through your pricing strategy
  • Winning new clients through referral marketing

Team Leadership & Management

  • Leadership and building high performing teams
  • Self-awareness, personality and leadership