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What they say

"Mark has been a revelation to my business since engaging with him 2 years ago. He has provided invaluable advice, strong mentorship and direction when needed. My business has become more successful and productive with his business input, which has resulted in a record sales turnover and a clear plan for growth. Mark’s services has been the shrewdest investment the company has made, and I look forward to our continued business relationship"

Gozie Ezulike, MD, XIST4

"Quite simply, Mark is the best business coach I have come across. His excellent training and mentoring on a range of business consultancy concepts empowers the trainee and instills complete confidence. From Marketing to Financials, all areas were covered in depth and explained with ease. I came away from my time with Mark feeling completely confident and excited to face the challenge of assessing and evaluating any business with a view to providing an in depth Action Plan for future success and growth. I would highly recommend Mark's training and coaching services and will definitely be using him again on a range of topics"

Joanne Brownbill, Galderma

"Mark works with Iken Business to deliver and develop leadership in the sales and marketing team and provide strategic advice to the CEO. Mark has introduced rigorous sales processes, set targets in consultation with the directors and ensured that the sales team has delivered and exceeded on its targets. In 2011 Iken Business has achieved 29% growth and Mark’s contribution to this success is impressive. Mark is a professional and trustworthy individual with many years of experience of sales delivery. I value his insight, his experience, his focus and his straight talking and have no hesitation in recommending him to other companies that are determined to achieve a high performing sales team"

Elizabeth Miles, CEO Iken Business

"Mark was a pleasure to work with and had a very positive impact on our business. He took time to understand our company, market and our ethos and this meant that the solutions he recommended were appropriate and in keeping with what we were looking to achieve. He was also open minded enough to look at different areas of the business and approached each element with clarity and structure."

Natalie Bailey, Director at NTT

"Mark is not somebody who wastes your time. He addresses the issues with enormous skill and brings clarity and vision into the mix. If you need to sit and talk to an expert about any facet of your business then Mark is the man to talk to."

Nigel Hudson, WORXiD Limited

"It was perfect, very well pitched and met all our criteria. We now look forward to putting it into practice."

Steve Calvert, TomTom

"Mark Ace is a true professional. He has listened to our business issues intently and using his exceptional facilitation skills helped us to understand what’s important within our business. Business Coaching is not something that we thought would ever suit us, but Mark is like an additional member of our management team, and his external view and excellent input has been more than worth the money. Highly Recommended"

Martin Turner, MD, FreeIndex Ltd

"Mark is great at getting the most out of people in the sales and marketing arena. He keeps it simple so that you implement the essentials. He is really good at getting you to think of the opportunity from the clients perspective and to differentiate between features and benefits. If you need a sales/marketing coach Mark is your man"

Mike Quinn, Director at MiroMedia Ltd

"I first met Mark at a group business improvement training course which was possibly the most enlightening training course I had ever been on giving real focus on my business. All who attended this course and others would agree the amazing value of the advice Mark gives and how his ability to identify processes that could be improved in order to increase business and save money is a very unique skill. I subsequently hired Mark to come into my business in 2010 which again gave us some real insight."

Matthew Wofinden, Director at Centonex

"I have known Mark for over 25 years, and during that time have seen him excel in senior sales and marketing roles at a range of blue chip companies. I see plenty of executives in large corporate enterprises who are very smart, and at the same time very specialized in their field. As business moves online, as marketing channels change, and as economic environments become more challenging, it’s very difficult to find people who are seasoned in business and at the same time capable of dealing with change, and delivering business results. Mark is such a person. He is able to cut through complication, listen, analyze and work with a variety of people at various levels to execute. That’s down in part to his considerable experience, but chiefly to his remarkable dedication and professionalism. I always get sound advice from speaking with Mark. He’s the very best small business consultant I have ever met. Asides from his business acumen, Mark is simply brilliant at working with people to make better things happen. I am proud to be asociated with Mark Ace and recommend him as a business consultant of exceptional calibre, without hesitation."

John Brewer, Expedia

"Mark and I worked together at Iken, where he was responsible for the sales strategy and I for the marketing. I found Mark to be extremely easy to work with - he balances a strategic view with a pragmatic approach and calm manner. In my opinion he quickly and accurately assessed the challenges and requirements of Iken before working effectively to put plans and processes in place that have made a significant difference to the capabilities of the Iken sales function."

Debbie Beech, Sylvatica

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