helping businesses create and then deliver ambitious plans for profitable growth

Consultancy and Interim Management


Our consultancy programmes are designed for businesses that require practical business advice that works.

Consultancy programmes from MC Associates deliver tangible benefits. They are cost effective and add genuine value. We do not produce long jargon filled reports that cost the earth; we provide solid advice in a form that can be readily translated into practical plans that will grow your business.

These programmes are ideal for businesses that require advice and guidance on how to accelerate their business growth whilst also working within the inevitable constraints that most businesses have.

Part-time senior manager / Non-executive Director

This is ideal for businesses that require continuous and part time expert support over a period of time. The key benefits include:

  • An experienced senior manager or non-executive director won't be concerned with day-to-day issues but will instead look at the bigger picture. What is the direction of the business? Are targets being met? What are the plans to keep ahead?
  • An experienced senior manager or non-executive director can fill a gap in a business owner's experience
  • In many cases, they can offer an address book of relevant contacts… suppliers, customers, partners, etc.
  • Many management teams become the victims of bad habits; missed agenda items, conversations being side tracked, and opinions being discounted. The introduction of a part time senior manager will not only help to keep things on track but can help alleviate tensions and 'put out fires'